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Terahertz Spectrometers

The Rigel 1550 Terahertz Fiber Coupled Spectrometer is an innovative and reliable turnkey system with a built‐in 1550 nm femto‐second fiber laser, a fiber laser beam distribution chassis with fast and slow scan modules, and built‐in lock‐in and low‐noise amplifiers, with a controlling and operation software. The system is permanently aligned to provide a collimated terahertz beam between the transmitter and the receiver heads. The user has access to the collimated terahertz beam inside the spectrometer head where the interchangeable and easy to use transmission, reflection, and attenuated total reflection (ATR) measurement modules can be placed.
Terahertz Fiber Coupled Spectrometer at 1550 nm (Rigel-1550)
Modular, fast, reconfigurable, compact, and portable
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Transmission Measurement Module

Terahertz Spectrometer module 1 Terahertz Spectrometer module 2

ATR Measurement Module

Reflection Measurement Module

Terahertz Spectrometer module 3 Terahertz Spectrometer module 4