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Terahertz imaging has useful applications in cancer detection and dental imaging, security, and quality assurance. High Quality Terahertz sensors and spectrometers help address many challenges facing today's society in a variety of different professional fields, but no matter the application, THz imaging will deliver results like none you've ever experienced before.
Wide Frequency Bandwidth Sensors

The T-Era- series Terahertz photoconductive antenna chips (THz-PCA) are used to generate high power and wideband terahertz pulses in THz time-domain systems.
THz Near-Field Sensors

The THz near-field sensors of Protemics TeraSpike microprobe series enable the surface-near detection of electric fields in the THz frequency range with micron-resolution.
Terahertz Spectrometers

Rigel is a portable, modular, compact, and reconfigurable terahertz time-domain spectrometer system capable of testing solid, powder, thin film, gas, and liquid samples for material sensing and characterization applications.
Terahertz Measurement Kits

Terahertz measurement kit is used by researchers to custom build their terahertz time-domain measurement setups. Complete with the highest quality components such as a Topitca femto-second laser and photoconductive antennas, the kit allows for optimal realization of transmission and reflection measurement configurations.